What are we all about

As the name of this site suggests, we are going to cover a whole lot of things that are great for our kids. As parents we only want best for them and we want to share our activities with the world, so that other parents can use our experience and give their kids all the best as well.

It is our duty, as parents, to raise our kids to be the best versions of themselves. There is a whole host of fundamental skills, abilities and knowledge we have to give them. In general we want to teach them to use their humanly powers to their best advantage!

Starting at the Foundations

So if we are talking about the smallest kids, we want to allow them to develop their manual and cognitive skills first. It’s of utmost importance because the areas in brain responsible for movement are very close to those responsible for speaking. So if we stimulate our smallest kids to move and develop in that area, we are at the same time stimulating the speech development!

To achieve great manual development what we can do is we can provide our kids with lots of toys that are aimed at that particular goal. Shops nowadays are full of such toys and you don’t have to look far to get them. Even if you don’t have lots of money, you can still promote such development by simply playing with the child in all kids of manual games. You can build such special toys yourself, look for example at this website to find out more http://lalymom.com/50-cool-diy-toys-fine-motor-skills/


That’s the early development of cognitive and manual skills. Naturally, what’s also important is the appropriate nutrition, not only for brain development, but also for good physical growth. In simplistic terms what you want to give your kid is all kinds of vitamins to grow taller. Vitamin A, complex B and D are most important. No need for special supplements, just healthy diet will do. Take a look at the website we’ve linked to above to see what foods contain those vitamins.

So far we’ve shortly covered early cognitive and sensory development. This article will only brush on all those subjects, we will dive much deeper into each of them with more articles to follow. Right now we just want to give you an overview of what this website is going to be about.


What follows the early development and good diet is, we believe, good psychological development. Giving your kid a chance to grow mentally and have superb control over hers or his feelings is what’s going to give them a great chance in life. High level of emotional intelligence is constantly listed among factors making people more successful in life.

So what can you do to promote that development? First of all, learn to talk to your kids so that you have this special connection with them. A great book about this subject is “How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk“. To be had on amazon or in your favorite (online) bookstore.


Then there are various confidence boosting behaviors of you as a parent, and there are also programs to build it. Confidence is of utmost importance and if your kid is lacking it – all the other skills will be damped. Good physical development, good nutrition, governance over ones feelings, they all promote confidence. But what to do if the kid is still lacking it? Try for Example Grow Taller For Idiots program. It’s seemingly about gaining inches of height, but there is a whole section of how to act to have more confidence. The website authors itself also cover the subject of confidence in  their articles.

Another great resource in this regard is “Psycho-Cybernetics” by dr. Maltz. A bit unconventional and perhaps even a bit “ra-ra”, but it has helped a lot of people. It’s about building strong self-image – something we all could use. As a matter of fact, most top performers in sports, arts, management testify that they use techniques described in this book, so it is definitely an advantage to your child if they learn those skills.

Along those same lines is the work of dr Carol Dweck https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carol_Dweck about growth mindset. It is really one of cornerstones of sound psychological development and building such an approach into your kids will benefit them for their whole life. Knowing that they can learn anything and that it takes work to learn it is simply paramount to any achievement! So you should really focus on reinforcing that attitude in them from as early as possible.


With that accent we will end this post. There will be much more following, and as we’ve already said – diving deeper into the listed subjects. So add our website to bookmarks and your RSS feed reader, so that you won’t miss it.

Till next post!